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Screen Item Detector icon Scan your desktop for a particular image and receive notifications when it is identified, with the help of this nifty application

It is often necessary to monitor content that is displayed on your screen, whether you wish to keep track of other users’ activities or log your own usage habits.

Screen Item Detector is a helpful utility that can scan your desktop at regular intervals and detect the presence of a picture that has been selected beforehand. It can provide multiple types of notifications and offers several customization options, but it features an outdated UI and lacks documentation.

Nifty application that can detect images on your screen

Before anything else, you need to define the picture that needs to be identified. The program supports a wide range of formats, as well as images that contain transparent areas.

You can specify which region of the desktop should be taken into consideration, as well as define the scan interval. Should the application have trouble detecting images, you can try increasing the difference tolerance.

Receive notifications or execute commands on detection

Once the source picture has been identified, the program can display a pop-up dialog, play a notification sound or send an e-mail to a specified address.

Additionally, it is possible to execute a program, command or batch file, and you have the option of logging all detection events for future analysis.

Lacks documentation and features a simplistic user interface

Unfortunately, Screen Item Detector does not include a user manual, which would have been very helpful for novices. The application is not too challenging, but first-time users may still require some assistance when setting things up.

The GUI does not stand out much, as the application’s layout is fairly minimalistic, but it is somewhat outdated.

All in all, Screen Item Detector is a useful program that can monitor your desktop and display notifications whenever a certain image is displayed on your screen. It offers a decent array of features, but it lacks documentation and would benefit from a modernized UI.

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Screen Item Detector was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu

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Screen Item Detector

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